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Hello, I’m Beth, a human, an artist, an arts and wellbeing facilitator and an aspiring meditation teacher. My artistic endeavours often explore what it is to be human, and my facilitation comes from a place of hope and optimism for the future. Through being present, we can create beautiful moments together. Beauty to me is held in gratitude, freedom, unity, diversity, curiosity, playfulness, connection and joy. The arts have no borders, no age restrictions and should be available to all. I hope to bring these principles to life through my facilitation.

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We are all different but there is something we all share.

We are all here, on this planet together.


What is at the heart of our collective being?


I believe the creative arts can be a means of discovering our deepest, purest, most authentic selves. Our most alive selves. And often, our most joy-filled selves.


What makes you feel most alive?


What is at the heart of your being?



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